Tray TILLSAMMANS Mustard yellow

350.00 kr550.00 kr Incl. VAT

Tray. Mustard yellow. Size Ø31 cm and Ø46 cm.
Handmade in Sweden. Made of FCS certified birchwood veneer.


Mustard yellow, or maybe you prefer to call it lion yellow?
What ever you call it is it the most popular colour in the TILLSAMMANS series.
Retro and modern in one.

The series TILLSAMMANS is based upon a pattern of female symbols which represent
Together we are forever strong”.
Equality for everyone is the key to peace. Tillsammans is Swedish for “together”. 

This tray is high a quality product that is handmade by Formpress on Öland in Sweden.
They are made by FCS certified (eco friendly) birchwood veneer.
It is a product that will last for many years.